b. 1986, HK.


Sara Lemieux cut her teeth in the fashion industry through visual merchandising for brands such as Billy Reid, Rogues Gallery, Timberland, and American Apparel. While working in retail operations she conceived and produced marketing/PR events, designed press kits, event specific products, and collaborated with video artists such as Victor Pakpour and brands such as Quit Mad Stop. In 2009, she broke out as an entrepreneur with the launch of two clothing lines; the private label LMX and the men's/women's brand SEAWALL.  

At the start of 2015 Ms. Lemieux incorporated into the company Black Point Mercantile to elevate it's relevance in the interior design market by expanding product designs and solidifying the brand's global presence. Black Point Mercantile's focus is on hand painted, waxed canvas floorcloths. The company's sales channels span from wholesale to black label with a focus on collaborations with high-end interior design firms. In 2015, Black Point Mercantile fulfilled custom pieces for design titans such as Nike, Studio O+A, Workstead, Complex Furniture Supply JP, Kelly Wearstler, Rivertown - Hudson, Angela Adams, John Derian, The Grocery, Sweden and more.